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Pre-Licensing Courses

Sales Associate Pre-License

63 hours total

This comprehensive course sets the standard for real estate education in Florida. Updated annually, it provides students with the latest developments in Florida real estate principles, practices, and law.

Broker Pre-License

72 hours total

This comprehensive course meets Florida’s 72-hour education requirement for broker candidates. The course includes all necessary topics for the broker exam.

Mortgage Loan Originator Pre-License

20 hours total
NMLS: 7944 (18 hours)
NMLS: 10970 (2 hours)

Together with OnCourse Learning, we offer everything aspiring mortgage loan officers may need to get their license online.

Home Inspection Pre-License

120 hours total

This course contains the required review of the 8 components of a home inspection including the structure, electrical system, HVAC, roof covering, plumbing, interior, exterior, and site conditions.

Post-Licensing Courses

Sales Associate Post License

45 hours total

This course fulfills the 45-hour state requirement and provides a step-by-step guide to conducting business in the real estate industry for new Florida licensees.

Broker Post License

60 hours total

Two 30-hour courses that provide essential education to maintain your license. These courses includes all necessary topics for thebroker exam.

Continuing Education

Sales Associate and Broker Continuing Education

14 hours total

This course includes the most recent changes to Florida law and FREC rules and the required ethics content, as well as 8 hours of required specialty course credits.

Ethics for Florida Real Estate Professionals

3 hours total

This course covers the system of principles that determine whether the behavior of a person or organization is right or wrong from the perspective of morality.

Florida Real Estate Core Law

3 hours total

This course has been created in hopes of helping you have a better understanding of the Florida laws related to real estate.


Florida Reactivation Course

28 hours total

Keep your real estate license and leap back into the booming Florida market. We make the process of reactivating your license simple and convenient so you can avoid the mistake of having to start over.

Exam Prep

Sales Associate Exam Prep

This is an intensive review of all the material and laws that Sales Associates and Brokers need to know to prepare for the state exam. Included in the program is our “Prep Course Manual.”

Broker Exam Prep

Broker Exam Prep is an interactive and intensive review of all the materials that will help Brokers gain the real estate knowledge needed to pass the state exam on the first try and expand into a career as a real estate broker.

Mutual Recognition

The Mutual Recognition Florida Real Estate Law Exam Prep Course is for nonresident applicants seeking a Florida real estate license through mutual recognition.

Supplemental Materials

Florida Sales Associate Pre-licensing Key Point Review Audio MP3

This audio MP3 provides over two hours of enhanced hands-free review of the critical points of Florida Real Estate principles, practices, and law.

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Florida Real Estate Exam Manual for Sales Associates and Brokers

This manual is the most comprehensive study tool available in the state for both sales associate students and broker exam candidates preparing for their license exams.

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