Florida Broker Pre-License Courses

72 Hour Broker Pre-License Course Options

In Florida, real estate sales associates can progress to become licensed brokers after accruing 2 years of experience. Fulfilling the requirement involves completing a state-approved 72-hour real estate broker pre-license course. LEAP, a reputable provider of real estate education, facilitates this process with convenient options such as classroom, livestream, and online formats. Discover the details and pathways to obtaining your broker's license with LEAP.

Decide Among Classroom, Livestream Or Online Options.


72 Hour Broker Pre-License Course Options

This comprehensive Florida broker pre-license course meets Florida’s 72-hour education requirement for broker candidates. The course includes all necessary topics for the broker exam (ex., getting started in the real estate brokerage business, valuing real property, listing and selling real property, and more) and the most recent legislation changes, complete with end-of-unit questions and a practice final exam.

*According to salary.com, the average salary for a real estate sales associate in Florida for 2022 is $50,934 per year.



Convenient locations

3 course formats to choose from

Live instructor in a classroom setting

Includes textbook

Includes real estate exam prep

Includes course exam



Attend class from the comfort of your own computer

3 course formats to choose from

No travel necessary

Live instructor in a remotely synced setting

Includes textbook

Includes course exam


starting at $339

Attend class from the comfort of your own computer

Work at your own pace

Easy tech support access

50% off LEAP state exam prep course (optional)

Textbook at an additional price

*Enrolling above will take you to our REcampus website. 

Florida Broker Education Requirements

Be at least 18 years old

Have a United States Social Security Number

Must hold a high school diploma or equivalent

Must have been licensed for 24 months as an active real estate associate for five years before becoming a licensed broker

Complete 72 hours of Florida approved licensing education

Submit electronic fingerprints for background check and an application for licensure to the state

Schedule with testing vendor and pass the Florida Real Estate Broker Examination

Required Broker Licensing Course:
Florida 72-Hour Real Estate Broker’s Guide

Required Broker Post-Licensing Courses (the first 2-year CE cycle):
Florida Essentials of Real Estate Investment
Real Estate Brokerage: A Management Guide

Florida Broker License in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1: Obtain A Pre-Licensing Education

Get started as a future agent by enrolling in enjoyable pre-licensing courses at an approved real estate licensing school. After completing the courses, snag your official transcripts or certificate – they’re the key to wrapping up your license application with a smile!

Step 2: Complete your real estate exam

Once you breeze through the last pre-licensing exam, it’s exam time! Schedule your state licensing real estate exam, and for that extra edge, explore exam prep programs. They’re like your secret weapon, focusing on practice questions specific to your state. You’re on your way to success!

Step 3: Kickstart your real estate business

Congratulations on becoming a certified real estate broker! Now, team up with a reliable broker who will ensure your success from the very beginning. Your exciting career as a real estate broker awaits!


Professional Achievement is Only a Jump Away

With our on-demand or scheduled courses, you are free to take your courses where and when it is most convenient for you, taking the pressure off your schedule and putting the focus back on your goals.

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Three Hour Course Exam
100 Questions


A list of benefits for choosing the Classroom Option at LEAP, specifically tailored for students who live close to their locations, enjoy the guidance of a live instructor, and prefer a structured schedule:

  1. Convenient Location:
    • Ideal for students residing near our locations, offering a convenient and accessible option for attending classes without long commutes.
  2. Live Instructor Guidance:
    • Experience the support and guidance of a live instructor in a classroom setting, enhancing the learning experience with real-time interaction and personalized assistance.
  3. Structured Learning Environment:
    • Perfect for students who thrive in a structured environment, the classroom option provides a set schedule, promoting consistent learning and progress.
  4. Immediate Clarifications:
    • Get instant clarification on questions or concepts during class, fostering a more interactive and dynamic learning atmosphere.
  5. Networking Opportunities:
    • Connect with fellow students in person, facilitating networking opportunities and the chance to build relationships within the local real estate community.
  6. Focused Learning Sessions:
    • Benefit from dedicated, focused learning sessions without distractions, creating an environment conducive to absorption of course material.
  7. Hands-On Activities:
    • Engage in hands-on activities and group discussions facilitated by the instructor, promoting a deeper understanding of real estate concepts.
  8. Face-to-Face Support:
    • Receive face-to-face support from instructors, allowing for immediate feedback and personalized assistance tailored to individual learning styles.
  9. Scheduled Progress Assessments:
    • Benefit from scheduled assessments and progress checks, ensuring that students stay on track and comprehend the material as the course progresses.
  10. Enhanced Motivation:
    • The physical presence of classmates and instructors can enhance motivation and accountability, fostering a positive and encouraging learning environment.

By choosing the Classroom Option at LEAP, students living nearby can enjoy a well-rounded learning experience that combines the benefits of proximity, live instruction, and a structured approach to education.

A list of benefits for choosing the Livestream Option at LEAP:

  1. Flexibility for Distant Learners:
    • Ideal for students who are not in close proximity to physical locations, offering the flexibility to attend classes remotely from anywhere with an internet connection.
  2. Real-Time Interaction:
    • Experience live interaction with instructors, enabling immediate questions, clarifications, and engagement in discussions, replicating the benefits of a classroom setting.
  3. Structured Learning with Convenience:
    • Enjoy the structure of scheduled classes while having the convenience of attending from the comfort of your own space, accommodating various schedules and time zones.
  4. Recorded Sessions for Review:
    • Access recorded sessions for later review, providing the opportunity to revisit class content and reinforce learning at your own pace.
  5. Networking Opportunities:
    • Connect virtually with peers from different locations, fostering a diverse network of real estate professionals and expanding your industry connections.
  6. Interactive Virtual Activities:
    • Engage in interactive virtual activities and discussions facilitated by the instructor, promoting participation and collaboration among livestream attendees.
  7. Access to Digital Learning Resources:
    • Utilize digital learning resources provided during livestream sessions, enhancing the overall learning experience with multimedia materials and online tools.
  8. Immediate Online Support:
    • Benefit from online support channels for immediate assistance, ensuring that questions and concerns are addressed promptly through digital communication platforms.
  9. Remote Progress Assessments:
    • Participate in remote assessments and progress checks, allowing for continuous evaluation of your understanding and progress throughout the course.
  10. Adaptability to Personal Learning Styles:
    • Tailor your learning environment to suit your preferences, whether it’s a quiet home office or a comfortable study space, providing adaptability to individual learning styles.

By choosing the Livestream Option at LEAP, students can experience the benefits of real-time instruction, interactive virtual learning, and the flexibility to participate from any location, making it a convenient and accessible choice for remote learners.

A list of benefits for choosing the Online Classes Option at LEAP:

  1. Flexibility for Any Location:
    • Perfect for students regardless of their location, providing the flexibility to attend classes from the comfort of their homes or any location with internet access.
  2. Self-Paced Learning:
    • Enjoy the freedom of self-paced learning, allowing students to progress through the material at their own speed and accommodate individual schedules.
  3. Accessibility 24/7:
    • Access course materials, lectures, and resources 24/7, providing the convenience of learning whenever it suits the student best, day or night.
  4. Personalized Learning Environment:
    • Create a personalized learning space that caters to individual preferences, fostering a comfortable and focused atmosphere for effective online learning.
  5. Interactive Multimedia Content:
    • Benefit from interactive multimedia content, including videos, quizzes, and digital resources that enhance the online learning experience.
  6. Instant Access to Materials:
    • Immediately access course materials, eliminating the need for physical materials and reducing wait times associated with traditional classroom settings.
  7. Global Networking Opportunities:
    • Connect with a diverse community of online learners globally, expanding your network and gaining insights from individuals with different backgrounds and experiences.
  8. Adaptive Learning Platforms:
    • Utilize adaptive learning platforms that cater to individual learning styles, providing targeted support and resources based on performance and progress.
  9. Remote Support Services:
    • Access online support services, including virtual office hours, discussion forums, and chat support, ensuring that assistance is readily available when needed.
  10. Tech-Savvy Skill Development:
    • Develop tech-savvy skills by navigating online learning platforms and utilizing digital tools, enhancing your proficiency in technology, a valuable skill in the modern real estate industry.

By choosing the Online Classes Option at LEAP, students can experience the advantages of flexibility, self-paced learning, and a personalized digital learning environment, making it a convenient and effective choice for those who prefer the flexibility of online education


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