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How do I enroll in a LEAP course?

You can enroll online (click here), by phone (407.893.0210), or by visiting our office (1330 Lee Road, Orlando, FL 32810).

What are the types of course delivery methods available at LEAP offer?

LEAP offers classroom, livestream, and online courses.

There are many licensing schools online and in my area. Why should I attend LEAP?

Attending LEAP means you earn so much more than just a license. You become a knowledgeable professional with an experienced career partner focused on your future.


Our school philosophy has a primary purpose – helping you become the professional you want to be and taking it a step further by opening up possibilities to exceed your vision, enabling you to LEAP into your destiny.


We realize that every person is at a different place in their life. Some are coming out of an established career, and others may just be starting. Regardless of where you are right now, we tailor our education and resources to make sure you get to the place you want to be.

How long is the course exam?

The exam duration varies by course.


  • Sales Associate Pre-License Course (100 questions): Three hours
  • Broker Pre-License Course (100 questions): Three hours
  • Sales Associate Post License Course (50 questions): 90 minutes
  • Broker Post License Course (50 questions):  90 minutes
  • Home Inspection License Course (50 questions): 60 minutes

What score do I need to pass my course exam?

The passing score depends on the course taken.


  • Sales Associate Pre-License Passing Score is 70%
  • Broker Pre-License Passing Score is 70%
  • Sales Associate Post License Passing Score is 75%
  • Broker Post License Passing Score is 75%
  • Continuing Education Passing Score is 80%
  • Home Inspection Passing Score is 70%

What is LEAP’s average pass rate?

LEAP’s goal is a 100% course pass rate. While we don’t yet have data to support our goal as the school has just recently launched (January 2023), we are committed to helping our student’s LEAP their career’s forward by providing a combination of solid foundational classes, renowned and proven instructors, industry-leading materials, and a caring and professional school staff.  These items are the formula for our business and the keys to success for our students.

What type of instructor support is available for students?

LEAP instructors are industry experts in their various fields. As a part of their instruction, they set expectations, vary their instruction, use various tools and resources, and are available and ready to help. LEAP instructors genuinely care about every student. For them, it’s not just about passing a course but being successful in your field of choice.

When is my tuition due for my course?

LEAP requires payment of all tuition, textbooks, and fees in full at the time of registration. Payment can be made by cash, check or charge. Please note: All fees and charges are subject to change without prior notice. All returned checks are subject to a $35.00 returned check fee. This is in addition to any fees your bank or financial institution charges. Shipping for books and materials is non-refundable if you choose to return your courses.

Does LEAP accept financial aid and/or state grants for admissions?

Currently, LEAP is not accepting financial aid and/or grants. However, we strive to make our courses affordable and easily accessible. If you have extenuating circumstances, please call us at 407.893.0210.

Does LEAP take the military GI Bill or afford course discounts to veterans?

Veterans should contact our office at 407.893.0210 to discuss any applicable course discounts. Please be advised that an official copy of your DD-214/15 or NGB 22/22A will be required to establish your eligibility for veteran status eligibility.

What is LEAP’s Scheduling Flexibility Policy?

A student may take up to six months from the date of purchase (hereinafter “date of enrollment”) to complete a course or “package” for which the student registered, including any required school exams.

I signed up for an online class. When will I be able to start my learning?

Immediately. LEAP’s online coursework is 100% on-demand and flexible to our student’s needs (i.e., Students can study on their schedule, at their own pace, start, and stop at their convenience, and repeat material as often as necessary).

For your online courses, is there a set attendance schedule?

No. LEAP’s online courses are designed to be self-paced, which allows our students to access course materials at their own speed – meaning they can focus on things that they find challenging and breeze past things that they might already know. This minimizes wasted time and promotes greater efficiency.

Can I repeat an online course?

Yes, you can access and repeat the course for six months following the date of the course’s purchase.

Do your online real estate courses have expiration dates?

Yes, all courses expire six months from the date of purchase.  However, courses may be extended for up to one year for an additional fee.

I finished my online course. How do I take my course exam?

The end-of-course exams do not need to be scheduled. Once your course is completed, the exam will become available directly within your course dashboard.  Once a student clicks to begin an exam, they cannot change their mind or stop and finish later. It must be completed in one sitting.  Therefore, students are encouraged to ensure that they have adequate time, a good internet connection, and are fully prepared to test before clicking to begin an exam.

I completed my course. When will LEAP send my course completion certificate?

Course completion certificates will be emailed within 1 business day after the course exam is passed.

Can I record my LEAP courses for reference and/or use at a future time?

No. Electronic devices are to be turned off – no use of phones, tablets, video cameras, recording devices, or any other electronic device inside the classroom. Absolutely no recording of audio or video by any device is permitted without prior written consent and approval. All written and verbal materials are proprietary to LEAP and cannot be used outside the purposes required for course completion.

I paid for a LEAP course but was not able to start or started, but was not able to finish it as scheduled. Can I get a refund?

Class schedules are subject to change without notice. Payments are refundable, less a cancellation fee of $75, for up to seven days from date of initial payment or until the student attends their first class, whichever occurs first.


Once issued, books are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable and their cost will be deducted from any applicable refund.


After the initial cancellation period, monies may be applied to a future class for up to six (6) months from the date of initial payment. after which time all funds will be forfeited without further notice.  NO refund will be issued for students failing to show up for their scheduled class (no shows) where upon all funds will be forfeited immediately.


Students requesting a transfer will be assessed a $50 fee.


Additional fees apply for retakes and repeats. Students may take the state exam prep course an unlimited number of times within one year of payment with advanced registration. The prep course in not refundable.


If books change, additional material fees will apply. NO REFUND will be considered for students who have attended any part of a class. NO REFUND for online courses once access has been initiated.


No returns or refunds on bookstore purchases. If an item is defective, we will gladly exchange it for a new one of the same version within 10 days of your purchase date.


Your class may be audio /video monitored and recorded.


Registration indicates understanding and accepting of this policy

Who do I contact for online technical support?

Dearborn Tech Support can be reached via phone at 888.213.5124 or email at REtechsupport@dearborn.com.


Learn Mortgage Tech Support can be reached here.

How long is my course completion certificate valid?

The course completion expires two (2) years from the date the student passes the pre-license end-of-course exam.

What happens if my course completion certificate expires before I pass my state license exam?

The applicant must again successfully complete the pre-license education course and pass the course exam.

How do I schedule my Florida real estate license exam?

Candidates who have been approved to sit for one of the following examinations may do so by contacting the department’s examination vendor, Pearson VUE. In addition, examinations are available on a daily basis at testing sites throughout the world.


To schedule by phone:


How long do I have to pass the Florida state license exam?

If an applicant does not pass the Florida state license exam within two years of the course completion date (the date the student passed the pre-license end-of-course exam) the course completion expires, and the applicant must again complete the pre-license education course.

How long is the Florida state exam application valid?

The license application expires two years after DBPR receives the application if the applicant does not pass the appropriate examination.

Where can I get my electronic fingerprinting done for the Florida state exam?

A fingerprint vendor is set up at the LEAP corporate office located inside the Orlando Regional Realtor Association at 1330 Lee Road, Orlando Florida 32810. Click here to schedule.

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